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WildFire Blaze is here!

Regular price $205, Offered for $125 for a short time only. Blaze WildFire Add-On gives Product Upgrade and Product Add-On capability to WildFire, along with allowing you to initiate WildFire on EVERY hook offered by WHMCS! Requires WildFire DSI to operate.

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WildFire DSI Installs virtually any dynamic script automatically when a hosting account is created.

WildFire On a Shoestring - How to Work Up to Affording WildFire if You are a Shoestring Startup

Examples of custom configured install packages (NOT limited to these scripts):

  • Joomla
  • Joomla with VirtueMart
  • WordPress
  • CRE Loaded (and forks)
  • OSCommerce
  • Zen Cart
  • Drupal
  • CMSMadeSimple
  • PrestaShop
  • Magento
  • WebCollab
  • OptionCart
  • Concrete5
  • PennyAuction
  • Custom Scripts

In fact, if you have any text based script (php, pl, etc), with or without a config file, or a database, WildFire DSI can probably install it!

Better than Fantastico - you can create custom install packages, such as Joomla with extensions, OSC with custom modifications, or even completely custom applications! You can also personalize the installations with client information as part of the installation and set up additional elements.

This script doesn't just allow you to COMPETE with the big guys, it allows you to offer MORE than they do, in a very manageable and sustainable way!

How is WildFire different from Fantastico or Softaculous?

Fantastico and Softaculous have two primary limitations:

1. They cannot auto-install when a hosting account is purchased and created. Your customer has to buy the hosting package, and then use Fantastico or Softaculous to create the install. WildFire automates the install during the hosting account creation process.

2. They can ONLY install what the developers of Fantastico and Softaculous want them to install. You cannot customize the installs, and you cannot create your own installer for a custom script, or a script that they have chosen not to include. WildFire allows you to create your own installer package from a customized version of any script, so your branding, instructions, templates, add-ons, or other modifications are available for instant purchase and installation by your customers.

In addition to these differences, WildFire Full allows on the fly personalization of the installs - so your customer can purchase a site, and the site can install with THEIR personal information (username, site owner name, site name, business name, contact info, etc) already inserted into the newly created website. Fantastico and Softaculous can't even come close to doing that!

WildFire saves you more time, and allows you more options, and for a single fee, so you won't be locked into paying for it forever.


WildFire DSI Lighter is available for people celeb sex tapes on a budget! This light version of WildFire DSI provides basic install functions, but does not have additional personalization or customization features. It is a great way to get your foot in the door, because it will still install pretty much anything you need, it just does not have any additional functions. This is a great way to "demo" WildFire, to make sure it actually works, before paying for the whole package . An upgrade option is available also, so you can seamlessly move from Lighter to the Full version just by dropping in a single additional file, and it doesn't cost more to do it this way!. (If you buy Lighter during a special, you can request a discount on the Upgrade whenever you need it.) Lighter will install any script. It just does not have advanced functions to do more than just installs.


WildFire DSI requires WHMCS, and Cpanel to operate. Written in PHP, with viewable and editable code (it is NOT Open Source, you may NOT share the code). WildFire DSI operates on reseller accounts or dedicated servers or VPS servers. Root access is not required for operation. Server may not be operating in Safe Mode, and mod_userdir protection must be disabled for WildFire to successfully perform installs.

How does it work?

You set up your packages - make them anything you like! Create an install of the system you want to auto-install. Go through it and do the stuff you do on every site - you know, change the session timeout, turn off the annoying stuff, install those little goodies that just make life easier. Get it just the way you want it to be to save you all the time you spend doing the same things over and over. Replicate that, and backup the site files and the database. Then set up the config files for WildFire DSI, and set up matching products in WHMCS. 

When a customer orders a website with hosting through WHMCS, the hosting is created, and the package that the customer chose is installed. When the domain name resolves, the site is live, and you didn't even have to touch it!

Works with multiple packages - you can create any kind of package. WildFire Full does the following:
  • Multiple Joomla installs configured differently, for example - let your clients choose a package level.
  • Let your customers choose between PrestaShop and ZenCart.
  • Sell them an optional SSL certificate as an add on, and configure the install accordingly.
  • Set up groups of packages on different reseller accounts from a single WHMCS/WildFire DSI install.
  • Use the same installer package for more than one product, so you can offer different service levels or bundle a site with more than one hosting package.
  • Personalize the installations using search and replace on the database, or run external scripts.
  • Set up an email account or forwarder as part of the installation.
  • Ask a question during the purchase process, and customize the installed items based on that answer. 
  • Control many other aspects of the setup process for almost limitless control over the automation.
  • The choices are yours. Whatever you want to install, you can! 
Truly the tool you need to make your web design or hosting business a burning success!

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In Development - What Kind of Goodies are We Cooking Up?

WildFire Heat - Almost Ready for Beta Testing!

If you have the ability to auto-install site structures, and if you are selling them like hotcakes, management quickly becomes an issue. How to keep all of those sites updated?

WildFire Heat provides a flexible solution. Heat will be adaptable to any kind of php install, and it will update base installs or extensions. Smart software, that helps you maintain your websites with the least possible effort on your part!

Unlike other updating scripts, this is designed for batch updating a large number of websites, of more than one type. No extension is required in the site itself, and you are not required to trust a third party for the update package. You essay writing service can even customize and create your own update packages if you have modified custom distributions of a base application or extension.


WildFire Flame - Almost Ready for Beta Testing!

A Master Site management tool is also in development. If you have a series of pre-configured sites, you have to keep them updated, and periodically have to change settings or make other corrections. When you do, that site has to be repackaged to use with WildFire DSI.

We're creating the solution nude celebrities - automation that backs up your Master Site on request, preps, and bundles the package, and loads it into the proper kit folder. A click of a button, and you're rolling.

A great companion to WildFire DSI, and the next logical step in automation.

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Just wanted to let viagra online you know I'm starting to understand the script, and I'm realy enthusiastic about it! I can make it do anything I want, and it's fairly simple once you get the hang of it! Worth it's money. 

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I’ve been a web developer for 11 years and have used a number of different scripts and applications to automate various aspects of my business. There’s nothing worse for a designer or developer who loves being creative than to do repetitive, mundane tasks over and over again. Not only is it frustrating, but can often doesn’t come with significant financial rewards. I knew there had to be a better way. I spent a significant amount of time looking for a solution to automate the installation of web applications for my clients on our servers. I was just about to give up and custom build a tool from scratch when I came across Wildfire DSI. Not only did it have all the features I wanted, but the learning curve was very small. Within a couple hours I was installing scripts – what used to take 2-3 hours now took 15 seconds! On top of that, the customer service provided is far superior to anything I have experienced in a long best lesbian porn time. They’re quick, professional and smart! I would highly recommend Wildfire DSI to any designer or developer looking to save time and money.

Josh Bender